Goal and Objectives:

Goal: • To improve the handicraft & production industry for women. • To improve marketing knowledge of the women. • To provide a safe working environment where women can easily communicate and share their social issues with other women. • To arrange hygiene and other social awareness programs for the women. • To improve the cultural awareness and self-confidence of women. • To improve the education level, hygiene awareness, housekeeping, social interaction, environmental awareness, mother and ch


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Takhar, Taloqan, Shahrawan Bridg

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Muzhgan Rafyie

Ms. Muzhgan Rafyie graduated from Payman Higher Education - Education faculty, Mathematics and Physics in Takhar Province

I worked as a teacher for 6 years in Takhar Province and worked as Directore of Rayhan Cooperative in the part of Poultry in Takhar province, worked as  a trainer in Kunar Phad in Takhar Province also worked as a Trainer in Election Commissions for 6 Months in Takhar.

To improve the education level, hygiene awareness, house keeping , social interaction, environmental awareness , mother and child care awareness among women.

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Violence against women

I have a right to a life free of 

Empowering of rural women communities to reduce poverty through advocacy, education and coordination of socio-economic services.
-- Mission --

A society free from violence against women.
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